Clinical Orientation student (40 hours or more of observation at SIH)

Students that are affiliated with a school/college and have been approved to participate in a clinical rotation with SIH through your school/college. Ex. Students enrolled in the following programs: Nursing, Radiology, Lab, Respiratory Therapy, PT/OT, etc. These students will be completing over 40+ hours on a semester basis.


Intern (40 hours or more of observation at SIH)

Internships are mainly offered for non-clinical students. Students must be enrolled in an educational program. Students will submit their cover letter and resume to the System Office HR department or the hospital they are interested in interning for review. Ex: A student is enrolled in the Healthcare program at SIUC. She is interested in interning in Compliance. This student would submit her cover letter and resume to the System Office HR department for review.If accepted as an intern, the student will apply here.


Job Shadowing student (40 hours or less of observation at SIH)

Job shadowing is available to employees and non SIH employees. Job shadowing is typically 40 hours of observation or less. In order to job shadow at SIH, students must fall into one of the categories listed below.

Current student enrolled in a CNA program or a current high school student enrolled in either a CNA or Health Occupations program. Your job shadowing experience will be facilitated through your schools instructor and the appropriate SIH employee

Any current student that is actively enrolled in college and needing observation hours required for entry into a medical program. Ex: A Kinesiology student needing 40 hours of observation hours in order to gain acceptance into a Physical Therapy program. Ex: A Biology student needing a certain amount of observation hours in order to gain acceptance into a Physician Assistant program.The program director or instructor of the educational program you are applying to will need to provide you with a letter stating the number of observation hours you need to complete. A letter from the facility manager/physician that has agreed to provide you with the observation hours must also be completed.Medical students that have arranged a job shadowing experience with a SIH physician directly falls into this category.


High School Summer Internship Program

Students interested in this program would follow the application instructions on the High School Summer Internship Program link.